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Tesla Model S Charge Your Model


One of the most exciting aspects of owning a Model S is waking up to a full charge every morning. We want this experience to begin the moment you take delivery. As such, we recommend installing your 240 volt outlet or High Power Wall Connector before your Model S arrives.

If the rate of charge from a 240 volt or 110 volt outlet meets your daily needs, there’s no need to configure your Model S with additional charging equipment. The Mobile Connector will work for you.

The Mobile Connector comes with two adapters. One adapter allows you to plug into a 110 volt household outlet. The other adapter is for a 240 volt outlet called a NEMA 14-50. You probably don’t have one in your home today, but an electrician can easily install it.

If you have a long commute, we recommend configuring your Model S with Twin Chargers and ordering the High Power Wall Connector. This pairing will allow you to recharge quickly overnight.


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